The Sound is The Scenery

The Workshop is pleased to host Rona Geffen, Alessandra Leone, Dr. Claire Aoi and Quiet City – Daniela Pomer and Paul Holdsworth – for a documentary film screening. The Sound Is The Scenery – TSITS – is a geometrical mathematical spatial composition incorporating planetary frequencies produced by tuning forks and chimes used in sound healing practice, as well as traditional sound healing tools such as percussions and the human voice. The composition combines symbols and archetypes from various cultures and practices with sound in distinct mathematical ratios and geometrical positioning to create an evolving harmony of in-out and personal-communal connection and synchronization aiming to provide self empowerment and consciousness expansion.

The documentary featured in the screening is a visual rendering of Rona Geffens project in 4DSOUND, which she conceived with the help of Alessandra Leone – Light & Visual – and Dr. Claire Aoi – Mathematics & Coding. The film was produced and realized by Quiet City – Dani

Forster Strasse 51
Price: Free
Time: March 9, 2018 20:00 and March 11, 2018 18:00

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