An introduction to working with CDJs (and rekordbox)

———————————–Workshop can be taught in English and German! ———-

An introductory workshop to mixing and performing with CDJ’s (CDJ 2000 nexus) w/ Diana May

THE WORKSHOP gives you the perfect place to try out 2 CDJ 2000 nexus and the Pioneer DJM 900 in a relaxed, intimate but professional setting with professional DJ Diana May, who has been working as a DJ for quite a few years now touring through Europe.

She will explain the functions of the digital music player and mixer, while going through all the knobs and buttons step by step.

Before addressing topics such as setting a Cue, Loop or explaining the differences between the vinyl jog mode and the cdj mode, Diana will go over the connections of all devices, inputs and outputs and commonly made mistakes.

You will get a basic introduction to Recordbox and the arrangement possibilities on your USB.

No matter, if you are an aspiring DJ, gear freak or just a curious mind – feel free to join and explore together 🙂 The Workshop is dedicated to create an alternative, non-hierarchical setting, and hence we would love to see many first time DJs as well as those of you, who are looking for a non-dude setting!

Teacher: Diana Perova // DJ Diana May

Price: 13 / 10 € (for the reduced price please bring a student ID or get in touch with The Workshop)

Please register via Facebook or email:

There’s only limited space !

The workshop can be taught in English and / or German !

Venue: The Workshop, Forster Strasse 51, 10997 Berlin

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