Choral Set

Choral Set

Poetry and Performance by
– Jahmal B Golden
– Göksu Kunak
– Zoe Darsee & Nat Marcus

at The Workshop (Forsterstraße 51, Berlin)
Donation-based entry: proceeds are directed to the rent and upkeep of The Workshop, and to the artists.

Göksu Kunak (born in Ankara, 1985) a.k.a Gucci Chunk is a writer based in Berlin. Ze has performed zir texts and lectures at Batard Brussels 2016 (invited by Tom Engels), Stadtsprachen Festival 2016, Poesie Festival 2017, Fuchsbau Festival 2017, and the Broken Dimanche Press reading series at Tropez Berlin curated by John Holten, and Pioneer Works NYC curated by Belladonna* Collaborative, which also published Kunak’s 2018 chapbook „#225 I thought this would“. Zir texts have appeared on the official page of The Absence of Paths, the Official Tunisian Pavillion of the 57th Venice Biennial, and on the blog The History of Painting Revisited in collaboration with Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle for the Fahrelnissa Zeid Retrospective.

Jahmal B Golden is a NYC-based trans-femme POC artist who is constantly finding new ways of conveying their intersectional existence through their creative abstractions. Their dominant medium is poetry, though after participating in an interdisciplinary performance/installation curated by New York artist Yulan Grant at MoMa Ps1, they began experimenting with performance as a mode of testing out concepts they’d investigated in their written work. They spend most of their time pondering the pendulum that swings between ‘nature’ and ‘grace’ – measuring the predictable force that propels them back and forth in daily meditations. Golden’s recent exhibitions include New Museum, Current Projects Gallery (Florida) and ArtSpace Mexico.

TABLOID is a textual platform founded in Berlin in 2014 by two poets, Zoe Darsee and Nat Marcus. In addition to publishing poetry and art books, its activities encompass graphic and material design, documentation, and poetry workshops. TABLOID’s work intends to stimulate and integrate poetic environments within social communities.

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