I want to live on Earth – HJ Frost Solo Exhibition

This body of work demonstrates the time in Hallie J. Frost’s artistic process during which it was created. As much as she is hesitant to subject an audience to an art show about the painter, Frost has been focusing her work process primarily on using pigment and oil over the past year to process her re-grounding in a foreign country, a new context and a new life.
Figures occupy space, context, just as introducing yourself requires a mention of where you come from. In these mud paintings, humans appear mindless or animated, aware or oblivious to their surroundings. These paintings posit a question of the figure’s relation to space.

A practice of image making is a way of seeing. Images can show the biases of sight or in the case of these paintings: show the artist’s hand, unconscious. Frost often describes her work as figurative. In this year of floundering and founding she has drawn the figure as an alienated one, lost to it’s land and environment and often to itself. Looking at her own work over the course of the past year, Frost spent hours google imaging the Salton Sea or news notifications of her native west coast burning. Surely there will be a time again when she can paint for concept, or theme or love of color but for now, she is inviting the audience to bear witness to her process, her mud paintings, strained and vivid, obvious and human.
The show will open with a Vernissage on January 11th, 18-21:30h.
Subsequently the works will be on display until February 16th.
The opening hours of The Workshop are as follows (unless otherwise stated online):

Mon – Fri: 14 – 19h
or during workshop hours, which can be determined by taking a look at the event / workshop segment both on the website and on the space’s workshop page.

Hallie J. Frost will moderate a panel discussion within the month of her exhibition, the date and time of which will be announced soon.


PLEASE NOTE: THE Times indicated are not correct.
The opening hours of the Workshop are generally
Mon-Fri 14-19h, Sat / Sun upon request.
Or inquire via messenger.

Thank you

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