Not Silent #3 with Devin Brahja Waldman and Miles Perkin

The Workshop is honored to host another concert of the series Not Silent conceived by Dirar Kalash under the umbrella of the Compass Collective.

Devin Brahja Waldman is a New York saxophonist, composer, synthesizer player and drummer. He has collaborated with his aunt —poet Anne Waldman— since the age of ten. Waldman leads a NYC/Montreal group known as Brahja, the Ineffable and is a member of both NYC’s avant-futurist ensemble Heroes Are Gang Leaders (led by poet Thomas Sayers Ellis and saxophonist James Brandon Lewis) and the Egyptian/experimental large ensemble Land Of Kush (led by Sam Shalabi). Highlight performances have been with Patti Smith, Malcolm Mooney (of CAN), Thurston Moore, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Yoshiko Chuma, CA Conrad, Lydia Lunch, Baba Donn Babatunde (of The Last Poets), Daniel Carter and William Parker. As a youngster, Waldman fell under the freewheeling tutelage of Paul Bley. Waldman is a co-producer for Fast Speaking Music —a NYC music and poetry label.

Miles Perkin is a double bassist, improviser, composer, songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist, musical explorer. From the Canadian prairies, the big sky and wide open landscapes have forever permeated his music.
He uses a combination of conventional, extended and invented techniques along with unconventional tools to extract a vast palate of sounds from his bass.

Entry is free, but please consider donating. All donations go toward the organisation of further events.

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