Official Rebrand Official Workshop at The Workshop

Official Rebrand Official Workshop +Pop Up
Revitalize garments you are tired of wearing, bring any fabric item you want to re-envision and we’ll can help you transform it. other some garments will be available, but it will be best to bring your own, other supplies provided –
sewing machines, thread, fabric paint, etc.

About Official Rebrand
OR revives clothing that has been discarded, breathing new life into what was once considered waste. Through painting, drawing and other alterations, “rebranding” dissociates clothes from gendered confines and proposes a sustainable alternative to the constant consumption encouraged by today’s social and industrial norms.

Price: 5-25 euro sliding scale

Official Rebrand items by MI Leggett will also be available for sale at The Workshop and Thursday-Saturday.

Artist Bio
MI LEGGETT is the non-binary artist behind Official Rebrand, Inc. Their work includes fashion, painting, installation, photography, video & performance. They graduated from Oberlin College in 2017 with high honors in Studio Art. They currently split their time between between New York and Berlin.

Since launching Official Rebrand in 2017, MI has shown work at multiple Berlin and New York Fashion Weeks, at NADA Miami and appeared in The New York Times, Teen Vogue, Paper Magazine, Vice, Dazed, Vogue, Milk, Hunger Magazine, Antidote, Into and other outlets.

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