Road Trip Journal – Dylan Gephart at The Workshop

Dylan Gephart is an experimental documentary filmmaker.

As a photographer and filmmaker Dylan Gephart documents the world around him to bring subjects to the attention of the viewer. He uses stop motion animation to give life to inanimate (and animate) objects as a way of reframing and reconsidering what the subject can mean.
His technique developed as a way of documenting and animating architecture, but has since spread to all aspects of his environment. A large part of Gephart’s process is going out into the world and capturing what he can find. This began as a tendency to take walks, but has grown into a motivation for travel. He often thinks about his work as a way of collecting, counting and categorizing what he sees. Gephart often focuses on subjects that are common and have a standardized shape to them such as windows or cars. This allows him to collect images of the same subject and then through his animation process turn them into one morphing object reconsidering the subject and what it represents.
Dylan Gephart’s latest film ​Roadtrip Journal ​is a catalog of different subjects seen on a roadtrip in the summer of 2017 from Portland, OR to Chicago, IL. The trip took two weeks and he traveled down the coast of California, across the southern states, and up the Mississippi River to Chicago. This film serves as a personal journal to archive his own experience. Dylan has structured the film into a catalog of different subjects because he is most interested in objects and their likeness.

Dylan Gephart will also be screening a selection of his past films from 2016 & 2017 as part of this exhibit.
Urban Abstract 2
Urban Abstract 1
Highway 99
Color Study
Let Me play Golf

Dylan Gephart (b. 1995. Chicago, USA)

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