Sara Persico // Xavier Lopez

7 Survival Techniques
Sara Persico

7 Survival Techniques is a performance of round about 30 minutes consisting of 7 videos and ever changing compositions for voice and electronics.
Musically an amalgam of song excerpts, the focus of the performance relies on instinctive improvisation and the use of loops and samples. At times, the voice’s identity hides within a sea of abstract sounds through rhythmically deconstructed spoken words, while the electronics create a dimension of oscillating frequencies, sampled noises and a wide range of warm textures. Emerging from this intricate architecture of sounds, frames of melodies and lyrics create an instant composition with a hint of a folk character.
The subjects portrayed in the videos dive in a multitude of images and follow the musical patterns that act like a sound-collage of mosaic elements. The performance is constructed around a live interaction between this two parallel sources of expression influencing each other, where there is a lot about perception in the details aiming to create inputs in the audience consciousness.

Xavier Lopez, synth
solo performance

Works in the field of improvisation and electronic music using modular synth and code (Super Collider).Classically trained as a piano player, his approach to electronics is autodidact. Mostly performing in collaboration with other musicians/artists, he has presented his work in Europe, the United States, Mexico and Russia.

Doors: 19:00
1° set: 19:30
2° set: 20:45

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