Selflovetribute x The Workshop

2018 has been a transformative and enduring year. But we’be made it !
Now that 2019 has started, what about setting our intentions for this year ?
Instead of focusing on what we want to stop on doing (resolutions) let’s focus for a couple of hours on what we want to achieve and create for ourselves. You deserve it !

Yours, Elia!

This is a writing based workshop for anyone interested, curious or with an already ongoing writing practice, who is looking for a welcoming, warm and inclusionary space to share their thoughts and words.

This workshop will take place on a bi-weekly basis , as part of The Workshop’s ongoing weekly writer’s workshop series.

Please note that February 21st will be an out of the series iteration, as it will be hosted by Mary L Fischer instead of Elia 🙂

To support the artist giving the workshop as well as the space, a suggested donation of 8 euros is encouraged.

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