Socio-Poetik : Experiments in Poetry

“Poets/ Who are these people/ Whose declining vision/ Attenuates toward some miserably admissible, intentional complexity/ Why write poems/ I really don’t know”
-Ariana Reines, from “Mercury”

– – – – – – – – – –


a poetry experiment with TABLOID
a bimonthly poetry workshop
for your communicative (physical, poetical, or personal) expansion (2018)

Guided by the editors, poets & community of TABLOID Press, SOCIOPOETIK is an open call for writers, artists, poets, or anyone interested in expanding their literary, linguistic, social, performative, and/or written experience + practice of poetry. Our interest is in creating an environment that encourages positivity and experimentation, to rework our ideas of poetry as a literary art, and to invite artists to share and perform their work together.

All sessions will meet at The Workshop.
Sessions will be conducted in English (until further notice)*

– – – – – – – – – –

FEB 28 & MARCH 1
Led by Zoe Darsee

In SOCIOPOETIK, we consider language as a material + poetry as a potentially ’sculptural‘ or ‚architectural‘ process. Includes: practicing listening without understanding, playing with misunderstanding, criticism practice, a judgment free approach to poetry, prompts, games, take-home packet of poetry & visuals for your personal experience.

*Communication & Expansion*

Session #3 ☿️ (Day of Mercury – Communication)
Wednesday, February 28

Session #4 ♃ (Day of Jupiter – Expansion)
Thursday, March 1

**To reserve a seat, please RSVP by email to w/ the subject line SOCIOPOETIK
and your name. If you’d like to participate in the peer-workshop, you can also attach one of the following for our review:

– 1 poem you like
– 1 poem you have written
– Something you are comfortable reading **

** DROP INS WELCOME. Don’t feel pressured to bring anything except yourself!

– – – – – – – – – –

10-15 euro (2 sessions) :
Wednesday session & Thursday session, tea & small edible surprise, prompts, readings & in-workshop writing & editing attention


8 euro (1 session) :
One session of your choice

** Drop-ins welcome
* Class fee will be collected at the end of the session

– – – – – – – – – –

SOCIOPOETIK is an ongoing, bi-monthly /poetry workshop/ for the expansion of your ‚poetic‘ practices.

TABLOID Press is a textual platform initiated in 2014 in Berlin. Its activities encompass book design, documentation, and poetry workshops, in addition to its role as a press for art and poetry publications. TABLOID is intended to stimulate and integrate poetic environments within social communities.

The Workshop is a space for communal, open source, autodidactic learning for those curious in interdisciplinary and experimental art forms, music and writing as well as an exhibition space and gallery for ongoing shows, talks and public performances.

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