Sponge – 1

A reading of poetry by

Natalie Ada Mariko
Gloria Lin
Zoe Darsee
Mary L. Fischer

The reading will start at 19:30 and will conclude with time for impromptu readings and discussion.

About the poets:

<<<< Natalie Ada Mariko is a transwoman poet from New Jersey. Her poetry appears in Whirlwind Magazine, New Contrast Literary Journal South Africa, all roads will lead you home, Yes Poetry and most recently in SUSAN >>>>

<<<< Gloria Lin stateless in Berlin, born in British Hong Kong. Grown in Massachusetts, Geneva, Taiwan and the republic of South London. East Asia and the Asia Pacific at Leeds University. MFA at Central Saint Martin’s, London >>>>

<<<< Zoe Darsee (b 1991) is a poet and designer based out of Germany and Texas. She is co-founder of TABLOID press, a textual platform initiated in 2014 >>>>

<<<<Mary L. Fischer lives and works in Berlin, Germany. She recently opened The Workshop as an art space focused on making and collaborating>>>>

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