Treffpunkt /// an off the grid German language course

This class is not a language course.
You won’t walk out of it knowing the difference between „Genitiv and Dativ“ or when to use the definite vs the indefinite article…

Instead, this course focuses on speaking, reading, hearing and learning to have fun with German. Actually, it is not even a course, it is more a time to bring a friend and not speak English or any other language but German with them.

In short, we will play games, communicate with hand and feet, laugh and maybe occasionally correct each other.
Sometimes we might have dinner or watch a movie.

You can also bring your homework, should you be taking a real German class.

The evenings will be led by someone who grew to love the German language living abroad, someone who loves German poetry for at times its precision and harshness, other times its wordy, lengthy and sappy romanticism. Don’t expect to be enlightened, but expect some warmth and a welcoming atmosphere now that Berlin grows cold, misty, windy and dark.

Looking forward to seeing you there 🙂

PS: I would kindly ask you to shoot me a message via the Workshop page, my private facebook account or email: if you think you might want to attend.

this is not a health class, but I thought it would be a funny tag.

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