Two Ouds – Youmna Saba and Dirar Kalash

Youmna Saba is a Lebanese singer-songwriter who started her musical career in 2006 and has released four albums to this day (Arb’een(40), 2017, Njoum, 2014, Hal Bint Aabalha Tghanni, 2011, Min Aafsh el Beit, 2008).

Her recent work is focused on the relation between songwriting and storytelling, rendered in vocals, oud and guitar, and is being presented as a live performance (Arb’een (40)) released on disc in 2017.
Youmna has collaborated with many musicians of different musical backgrounds: British songwriter Mike Cooper, Korean gayageum player Kyungso Park, Polish composer Piotr Kurek, among others. She has taken part in international programs and residencies: Hwaeom Spiritual Music residency (South Korea, 2017), Sound Development City (Spain, Morocco, 2016), Gyeonggi Creation Center (South Korea, 2013), OneBeat (USA, 2012).

Youmna holds a master’s degree in Musicology, focusing mainly on the parallels between classical Arabic music and Arabic visual art, and will soon begin her PhD. She is a part-time instructor at the musicology department at the Antonine University.

Dirar Kalash is a musician and sound artist whose work spans a wide range of musical and sonic practices within a variety of compositional and improvisational contexts. His solo oud music shows a deep understanding and mastery of both the history of classical arabic music and the sonic possibilities of the instrument itself.

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