A thank you summer fling thing

Dear friends, supporters, workshop organisers or attendees.

Summer is a wonderful time to celebrate, so The Workshop is throwing a little summer party
on Saturday August 10th 2019
21h – 04h
at a small location called „Hof“
just behind Skalitzerstrasse 114. I will put up a few signs 🙂

Mainly, this little summer bash is one way to thank you all for partaking in the slow but steady growth of a community, that will hopefully remain a place of trust, support and active engagement for you all.

It is however also an excellent excuse for me to invite two excellent DJs and long time supporters but also equally hard working individuals to play some tunes so we can have a little dance together:

Bakläxa aka Tash Todd b2b PBL


Oldspeak aka Peter Duran

as well as

Ivan Krasnov debuting after taking the Press Play DJ Workshop this past month b2b Marlon


Marlon 😉

There is no charge at the door and the first few people will be warmly welcomed by me with some champagne 🙂
Otherwise I just hope you can make it, bring friends, family, pets(?) !

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