Action Teams — Round 2

Action Teams is a give-get exchange with a small team of participants. You give your feedback, advice and ideas to help others break through current challenges. In exchange, they help you break through your blocks, too.

Whether you are thinking about a career shift, a change in relationship status, leaving a bad habit behind, adding a new family member, transitioning to a new state of being or just finding more time for the most essential things — every outcome you can think of is fair game to present to your Action Team.

Each session lasts 3 hours, during which each member gets to outline a personal challenge to the group. Then the Team will share their solutions, ideas, tips, resources or other gifts to help their teammate break through.

It’s about accountability, collaboration, inspiration and — of course — action.

This meetup is for anyone with an open, respectful and collaborative mindset. That said, these gatherings do try to center those who are usually marginalized. This is why the event is offered for free.


Up to 12 members per round.

3 meetings over 3 months. You have to be able to attend at least two of the three meetings to join a round. The meetings for this round are:


Sign up here:

We will notify the teams and send a calendar invite around the week before the first meeting.

This event is offered free of charge. Donations to support the work of aequa and The Workshop are appreciated.

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