Audio Manipulation using Ableton Live

Electronic Music Composition in Ableton Live is a workshop aimed at female*, trans and non-binary identifying music makers and is open from beginners to all levels. The idea is to break composition down into small steps, focusing on one functionality at a time.
The topic of this first workshop in a series of three is audio manipulation to provide compositional techniques for music making in Ableton.

The workshop’s ethos is limitation within the compositional process. Limitation will be used as a tool to encourage creative thinking, challenge traditional working patterns, and simplify music making within a DAW that presents infinite creative choices.

Workshop #1: Audio manipulation:
Three basic audio techniques will be investigated such as pitch, tempo and reverse. There will then be a creative challenge where participants make a piece from a collection of samples, focusing on the three techniques shown. The task is about creative thinking within limitation, so is focused on the process, not the outcome. There will then be a chance to share work and reflect on the effect of setting limitations to one’s work processes.

The workshop will last for two hours.

Costs: 15-20 euros.
Two spots are available upon application for those unable to pay this amount. Please get in touch via email if you would like to apply for one of them:

Non-alcoholic beverages and snacks will be provided, beer and wine are available upon purchase.

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