Build Your Own Azki Punk Console

Based on an experimental approach, participants will be guided through the design and production of a voltage-controlled oscillator while manipulating the incoming electricity and interpreting it as sound harmonies or dissonances. Using electricity as the only conceptual material, participants will explore the sound potential of electrical flow, while creating fluid instruments that fit their individual practices and preferences.

During this workshop, participants will be asked to build their own electronic instruments, experiment with analog control interfaces, play together and take their own console with them.You will familiarize yourself with basic electronic tools, soldering irons and multimeters.No experience is necessary.

This workshop requires a box or any kind of housing to create the instrument. The box/Jar should be a minimum of 8cm tall x 6cm wide x 5cm deep.
Participants are encouraged to upcycle using found materials for building the housing of The Azki Punk Console.

Because The Azki Punk Console Workshop has always been about doing things your own way. It’s about exploring your own freedom and enjoying your sense of individuality.

Workshop host: Rehab Hazgui

Cost: 60 euros (40 Euros production costs + 20 euros workshop fee )

Max. number of participants: 12

Please sign up to reserve a spot by sending an email to:

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