Community Flea Market at The Workshop

Spring cleaning is done, which means it’s time for a Flohmarkt!

♿️Proceeds from the day are going towards an accessibility ramp for the space, so we hope you’ll come to support this cause. ♿️


Come on down to The Workshop for the chance to cop the finest second hand and handmade goods on sale by Workshop and aequa community members. You can also expect tasty food, cold drinks and smooth tunes.

You also have the exceptional chance of purchasing:
Photographic art work by Levinson Eliza
Poster zines published by Lahar Berlin
Poetry publications by TABLOID Press
Rave Ethics zines
and so-called Plakazines by TONIC Magazin


🍜Cold noodle bowls by ROKU BERLIN will delight your taste buds! At least until they sell out. (They always do!) 🍜

🏷Interested in selling at the market? Message one of the hosts to claim your table! 🏷

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