Dismantling the Face (Live AV)

Dismantling the Face
Kit Kuksenok (@xn_ze_ro) + Sage Jenson (@mxsage)

As part of the exhibition Dismantling the Face, there is a live performance of audiovisual work combining biological simulation / live drawing / other disembodied scientific fragments.

Seating is very limited, so please RSVP to this event so we have an idea of attendance.

Notes on the exhibition:

“Dismantling the Face” reconstitutes fragments of scientific work. Using ink, tracing paper, video simulation, and tactile interaction, we hallucinate through complex networks that underpin biological and sociological systems. The viewer is invited to participate in the construction of meaning, as well as bask in the generative dismantling of the scientific face.

We create a playground out of the images of science – simulation, graphs, and diagrams. These images and their contexts compose what we call the face of science; you, as a viewer, can reconfigure the context embodied in each object. The act of viewing the work implicitly projects personal theories, mythologies, and pathos onto the building-block images (the construction of meaning).

The images in science are the common thread and mediator, objects with meaning and agendas for both scientists (who produce them) and everyone else (who consume them). Through its human appendages, this face has the ability to materialize; often with dire social and environmental consequences. This exhibition reconfigures and scrambles the scientific face, collaboratively dismantling it piece-by-piece to reveal an expanded theater of operations, unexpected agency, and sensory lines of flight.

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