Distant Bond – Valentine Emilia Bossert – Finissage


Distant Bond
Valentine Emilia Bossert Solo Exhibition

At the heart of human experience lays an unreconcilable gap that is universally felt but impossible to grasp, seemingly escaping any grounding in the real. This separation of the self from itself and the world is what occupies Valentine Emilia Bossert. Pushed by an obsessive drive to resolve it by attempting to give an account of it through her work, she delves into her own psyche and experiences as the source of her subject matters.
On display, the Cogitographes (2016-17) evoke the artist’s origins and a sense of nostalgia, Liminal Space (2019) travels through the vicissitudes in the reliability of memories subject to processes of self-transformation, while Archaeologies (2019) reproduces the ruins of ideal constructions.
The fleeing nature of the gap unavoidably leads this research to failure. As a result, the multiplication of attempts within each project forms large series. Alike Sisyphus’, the task at hand is absurd and infinite, and the process thus suddenly comes closest to answering itself, making it absolutely necessary.

Valentine Emilia Bossert is a visual artist and philosopher born in Switzerland in 1990. She studied in London and now lives and work in Berlin. Since 2012, she has been part of numerous exhibitions internationally. This is her first solo exhibition in Berlin.
Her art practice dissects what it means to be human by exploring consciousness through dreams, memories, impressions and repetition. It is deeply rooted in her drawing background and extends to sculpture, installation, video and printmaking. Her theoretical work strives to understand the complexities at stake in postmodern societies. It particularly focuses on the topic of utopia. Whilst approached separately, her fields of interest have a significant influence on each other.


Saturday, May 11th, 18:30-21:30

The Workshop, Forster Straße 51, 10999 Berlin

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