Equity Book Circle #4 — Emergent Strategy

We voted and the book selected for this round is Emergent Strategy by Adrienne Maree Brown

If you want to join the discussion, please order the book and write to use at hello [at] aequa.cc to be added to the mailing list.


Time to choose a new book for our Equity Book Circle #4.

This is a reading, discussion and action group focused on readings about or related to intersectional feminism, equality/equity, diversity, inclusion, and/or readings from authors from minority, marginalized or underrepresented groups.


We’re going to try an experiment to choose our next book digitally this time, then meet in person in one month.

From Tuesday January 7th until Monday January 13th, feel free to post a link to a book that you would like to suggest for our next round.

On Tuesday, 14 January, we will post a poll to this event page with all the suggested books, where you will have one week to vote for the book you most want to read. The poll will be open until Monday, 20 January.

Everyone who wants to join this round will be asked to share their email address in a signup form. We will email the first reading assignment as well as places you can buy the book out to everyone who wants to join. Then you will have two weeks to read the first assignment. We will meet on Monday, 3 February to discuss the first bit.


The Equity Book Circle meets every other Monday evening at The Workshop in Kreuzberg. The circle is open to everyone from any gender — as long as you have an open, collaborative and respectful mindset. The discussions take place in English. The length of this circle will depend on the book we select.

📆 Email hello [at] aequa.cc if you’d like us to already add your email to the calendar invite.



aequa is a community for social equity. Our vision is an equitable society in which every person can thrive. Our purpose is to activate, empower and connect a diverse, intersectional community — and to do so sustainably. We do that by hosting gatherings for folks to exchange resources, tackle shared challenges, and collaborate to create the world we dream of.

Together, we explore both our individual potential and our collective power.



The Workshop on Forster is a space hosting and inviting people from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

The languages spoken and understood are many and varied. In this space, we strive to celebrate our differences and encourage an open, respectful and compassionate mindset. We try to avoid making assumptions about others, or projecting our own opinions as the only valid truth.

If you or anyone around you expresses or experiences discomfort, please let us know. info [at] workshop-on-forster.de


The Workshop on Forster is a community space. We are in the ongoing process of improving accessibility and welcome feedback and suggestions.

This is a multi-room and multi-purpose space with a shared kitchen and toilet. Therefore, sometimes people may need to pass through in order to get to the shared facilities.

The space is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible at this time. The upstairs space is reached via six (6) outdoor steps, each 20cm high. Inside The Workshop there are several steps leading into the salon, as well as a small step (8cm) leading into the kitchen. The bathroom entrance is 75cm wide with a raised doorframe. The entrance to the basement is via eight (8) steps, each 22cm high, accompanied by a handrail. The doorway to the basement is 120cm high and 43cm wide, but can be opened to 96cm wide if needed.

Please note that there are usually flowers and plants in the space, and it is used by diverse groups of people (and occasionally dogs, too). Therefore we are unfortunately not able to guarantee a scent- or allergen-free space.

Lighting varies throughout the space and depending on the event. The Gallery has a slight echo and occasional sound bleed from the Basement can occur throughout all rooms.

The bathroom has its own sink and is all-gender. The doorway is 75 cm wide and has a raised doorframe (approx 4 cm high).

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