Mental Health for Creatives

From LA to Berlin, Portrait XO will be leading a 2 hour workshop about how to tackle some of the biggest struggles we have as creatives when it comes to mental health.

After years of working as a music artist and creative director, Portrait has performed and presented all around the world and have helped a handful of artists and creatives excel in enabling others to succeed with a healthy state of mind that’s focused on self-care while embracing dreams with realistic goals. She’s gained a wealth of helpful information from collaborating with neurologists learning about the brain and how we can rewire it to create new pathways that help us conquer our struggles.

This workshop will invite members to go on a meditative journey to tackle anxieties, fears, and creative blocks to make a new belief system that is specific to each person’s goals. This will be an inward journey to help get to the core of the biggest challenges and shut out external noise that stops growth.

Portrait’s goal is not to enforce one set of rules, but to guide us with the knowledge she’s gained throughout the years that’s helped her get to where she is now in hopes to help others succeed in their own way.

‚It’s easy to be overwhelmed to the point where nothing gets done and we kill the drive before anything even begins. Everything starts from the mind, so we should look after it the best way we can.‘

Costs: 10 – 15 Euros according to your own estimation
To secure a spot, please send an email to:

About the instructor:
Portrait XO
Singer | Songwriter | Producer | Creative Director
Co-Founder of Samplenhold
Founding Member of The IASAS (The International Association of Synaesthetes Artists and Scientists)
Selected for #WomenInTheLead at Music Tech Fest – Stockholm


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