PLUR.AIs – AIs (artifical intelligences) in our kiez

This workshop aims to quest and bridge individual desires and collective possibilities around and beyond the intersection of technologies, imaginations and life. Among the broad technological discourse, our focus will be on AI, its possible sources and its perspectives in real life. We want to expand its position within society and sketch an agenda for it to become a social property rooted in specific cultures and not a form of institutional authority. Through the imaginative process we will try to raise awareness on how technological environments can be the results of political beliefs and social inequalities and explore speculative socio-technological landscapes. We will ask the audience to imagine, criticize and prototype their visions and uses of AI-infused tomorrows. We would encourage participants to activate contextual imaginations and situated knowledges from specific and different backgrounds. In fact collective and performable imaginaries are fragile battlegrounds for mapping the construction of desires and fears related to the advances of science and technology and fertile resources to build on desiderable futures. Quoting S. Jasanoff and Sang-Hyun Kim: “Imaginaries are at once products of and instruments of the coproduction of science, technology, and society in Modernity”. While juxtaposing the results of these speculative thoughts we will avoid universalism and articulate the contents of a complex social landscape of plurals AIs.

We would really like to open collectively and horizontally this conversation, for this reason the workshop is adapted to -and highly welcoming- everyone, regardless of gender, cultural origin, sexual orientations, or technical knowledge.

The workshop will be structured in three sections:
1) A future with AI – Participative introduction (1h)
2) Delineating your vision- Creating a local AI vision (1h30)
3) Getting tangible- Frugal Prototyping (1h30)
We will have breaks for coffee, snacks and open discussions.

For the prototyping feel free to bring the tools or materials you are more comfortable to use, we will provide for some basics (papers, glue, pens, cardboard…)
We suggest you also to bring something (can be anything literally) that reminds you of AI or that can inspire your vision.

To register (strongly suggested) for the workshop and reserve a place send an email to:
The workshop is for free but donations (1-4 euro) are warmly welcomed!

Plur.AIs is a project by Claire Glanois, Dalia Maini, Yoonha Kim and Carole Wai-Hai. It is an open conversation about how citizens wish to see smart new technologies affecting their life, aimed to enrich the familiar narratives around AI-infused tomorrows with local, situated and inclusive practices. While embracing a state of heterogeneity, and complexity for our technological futures, it also questions how these individual visions can come together to compose a plural world.

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