Press Play – djing for beginners

If someone told you that anyone can dj, would you believe it?

The Press Play sessions are a series of four workshops aiming to take you from absolute noob to house party ready.

No questions are too simple or basic to be asked, no music too eccentric to be mixed and all mistakes good enough to be made more than once.

Press Play intends to create less of a “how to”, but more of a “go for it” vibe. In a small, intimate setting, you will be introduced to different genres, different techniques DJ hard- and software. We will work together on our listening skills and you will get a chance to practice. This is less of a workshop, more of a communal sharing of skills and passion for music.

The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 5 people.
It is strongly encouraged to attend all four sessions, in other words, please make sure you can commit the time to all four sessions and check that you have room in your schedule to practice.

At the first meeting we will double check whether the proposed times work for everyone, however for now the four sessions will take place on the following days:

July 2nd 19-21:30h
July 13th 13 – 15:30h
July 16th 19 – 21:30
July 30th 19 – 21:30

RSVP via email please at:
Please include a sentence or to about why you would like to participate and if you have any mixes/music online already, do please include the link to it.

Session 1:
What genres of music are there? What are the recognisable characteristics for each?

A brief introduction to the history of (some) dance music

What does DJ-ing actually entail? When did DJ-ing become its own form of creative expression and an “established” profession?

What are the different tools you can use? Free, expensive, hardware, software, digital, analog

What are your goals for the four sessions

Create your own DJ name / alias

Are there any techniques you are particularly drawn to / want to learn

What’s the budget you would like to aim for / have in mind going forth from these sessions

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