Study Hall

Have a project or hobby that you’ve had trouble making time for? Study Hall gives you an appointment to make it happen.

Whether it’s German homework, that book you’ve been meaning to read, online course you’ve been trying to finish, music to organize, your sketch pad that’s gathering dust — bring along anything to „study“ that can fit in your backpack. Bring a friend, too!

The idea is to create a space to work communally on the things we often have a hard time making time for — to create space where the presence of one another might help you to give time to yourself, to persevere on some annoying task, or even help you problem solve.

(For anyone struggling with some German home work, Mary from the Workshop will be happy to help!)

🌯Feel free to bring your dinner along, if you’re hustling over from work. You’re welcome to show up anytime within this time slot. 🙂

We look forward to sharing space, time, thoughts, energies and perhaps a hug or two.

Open for everyone. 💕

Donations for wifi + tea + snacks + space gratefully accepted.

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