The „A“ Word: Examining the Concept of Allyship

When we talk about issues of equality, social justice and inclusion, what does it actually mean to be an ally?

This workshop examines the concept of being a so-called „ally,“ exploring questions like:

‣ Who gets this label and who gives it?
‣ How does one engage in conversation about marginalized communities that they are not a part of?
‣ How can we avoid turning attempts to support into even more emotional labor for those we want to help?

These topics and more will be discussed in this interactive workshop hosted by Jarral Boyd in cooperation with aequa.

🗣The workshop will be conducted in English.



Space is limited to 20 spots.


Sliding scale pricing based on your means — pay at the workshop. *No one denied for lack of funds.*

Sliding scale:

– Reduced price: 5€
– Standard price: 10€
– Solidarity price: 15€

Payment can be collected in cash or via paypal/bank transfer the day of the event.



Jarral Boyd is a linguist and educator who hails from one of the most segregated cities in the United States. Having a black father and indigenous mother, she never had the advantage of ignoring the impact of systematic racism, but it wasn’t until she finally decided to take up roller derby that she became passionate about education and communication on the subjects of white feminism/fragility, implicit bias, and the responsibilities of so-called allyship.

In her 13th year here in Berlin, she now captains her team and heads her rolly derby league’s Inclusion Committee, as well as offering workshops on these subjects to the public.



The Workshop on Forster is accessed from the street via five steps. The space is not wheelchair accessible.


aequa is a community for social equity. Our vision is an equitable society in which every person can thrive. Our mission is to activate, empower and connect a diverse, intersectional community — and to do so sustainably. We do that by hosting gatherings for folks to exchange resources, tackle shared challenges, and collaborate to create the world we dream of.

Together, we explore both our individual potential and our collective power.

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