Updated Format: Now DROP IN* 12-Week Queer Tarot Journey

Have you always wanted to learn tarot, but were overwhelmed by remembering the meanings of the cards or how to do it “right”? The tarot has the reputation of being something scary or that only those with a crystal ball can do. It is also often viewed only as a tool for fortune-telling. However, the tarot can be a powerful tool for anchoring, self-reflection and transformation. The tarot is for everyone and anyone is able to read the cards.


Tarot was created several hundred years ago and, traditionally, is filled with religious, white, heteronormative symbolism and imagery. In the past few years, queer artists, witches and magic-makers have been reimagining the tarot as a tool for empowerment and self-care. Queer tarot is all the juiciness of tarot plus discussions around feminism, the patriarchy, gender, etc, and being able to see yourself in the cards.


How can we LIVE the tarot instead of just reading cards? We will focus on using the tarot intuitively and working with the energies of the archetypes for an extended period of time. Sharings with the group will be one of the main tools of learning – you will make your own connections with the cards and learn the meanings through direct application of personal stories and experiences. We will also make connections with the archetypes through astrology, numerology, the elements and the chakra system.

Rather than predicting the future, the main aim will be to learn how to use the tarot as a transformational tool for yourself. During the 12 weeks, you will develop a tarot practice that is personal to you, by understanding the context and the system of tarot as a whole, and the energies of the individual archetypes.

This is for you if:
– You are LGBTQ/queer/queer-identified
– You want to make tarot your own, create your own interpretations and use it intuitively, rather than relying on a book or a professional tarot reader
– You want to use tarot as a transformational, reflective and self-care tool
– You’ve dabbled in spirituality or magic, or at least are interested in learning
– You love or are interested in stories, archetypes, mythology or the Hero’s Journey

This is NOT for you if:
– You are non-LGBTQ/queer or are a straight ally – there will be other courses and opportunities in the future
– Your main goal is to learn how to read for others
– You want to learn how to predict the future or learn fortune-telling
– You want clear-cut card interpretations and meanings
– You don’t enjoy or feel comfortable in sharing circles


Week 1 (January 15): Introduction to tarot
Week 2 (January 22): The Suites – Pentacles
Week 3 (January 29): The Suites – Cups
Week 4 (February 5): The Suites – Swords
Week 5 (February 12): The Suites – Wands
Week 6 (February 19): Majors – Line 1
Week 7 (February 26): Majors – Line 2
Week 8 (March 4) : Majors – Line 3
Week 9 (March 11): The Courts Cards – Pages
Week 10 (March 18) The Court Cards – Knights
Week 11 (March 25): The Court Cards – Queens
Week 12 (April 1): The Court Cards – Kings

Time: 19:30 – 21:30 every Wednesday
Location: The Workshop http://www.workshop-on-forster.de/
Forster Strasse 51, 10999 Berlin

Materials: If you’d like to develop a personal tarot practice, it is highly recommended that you purchase your own deck. The standard Rider-Waite-Smith is perfectly suitable as a beginner’s deck and to learn the basic symbolism. If you’d like an explicitly queer-centered deck, I highly recommend https://littleredtarot.com/ to purchase one, an LGBTQ+ online indie shop based in the UK. My favorites are the Numinous Tarot, the Mesquite Tarot and the Many Queens Tarot.


Renee is a queer witch and has been studying tarot for the past few years along with other magical practices. Tarot is her favorite thing and her partner for life, astrology was her year-long sexy fun lover who changed her life forever (and still does), herbalism is an overwhelming karmic encounter and she’s wondering how it will unfold. In her muggle life, she has been a writer, editor and teacher.

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