Winter Clean Out feat Empower Festival

The Workshop on Forster needs some hands, Empower Festival and Sanni Est too…
So we decided to join forces!

In February it will all come down to some volunteers to show up at
a little spot on Forster Strasse 51
to clean
to build
to hammer
and to drill

for each person that shows up, The Workshop on Forster is donating
10 Euros per hour to
Sanni Est’s campaign!

Aside from that you might have fun! Actually you will have fun!

Come and get handy 🙂

The Workshop on Forster

is a space hosting and inviting people from diverse backgrounds and experiences.
The languages spoken and understood are many and varied. In this space, we strive to celebrate our differences and encourage an open, respectful and compassionate mindset. We try to avoid making assumptions about others, or projecting our own opinions as the only valid truth.
If you or anyone around you expresses or experiences discomfort, please let us know.

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