Winter Swap Shop

Tis the season…to swap!

As we head into the winter season, you might feel it’s time to make some space by clearing a few things out of your life…or you might be hoping to add some new wardrobe energy to celebrate the transition, or find the perfect gift for a loved one without adding to the buying madness.

You can fulfill all these needs without spending a dime at our first Winter Swap Shop, organized by Effy Nails x The Workshop x aequa.

Don’t have any items to swap? No worries. You can come shop regardless of whether you bring something. All genders are welcome to donate or take from this swap.

At 20:30h there will be a RAFFLE drawing to give away some killer donations from members of our community. See list of raffle down below!

Donations from the raffle go to support Trans Feminism International and Evas Haltestelle.


How does it work? So glad you asked.

1. Go through your closet, dresser, jewelry box, cosmetics case, book case, record shelf etc. and find items you’d like to donate — clothes, shoes, make-up, jewelry, books, records, etc.

2. Make sure items are in good shape, clean and ready to be loved by someone new.

3. Bring them to the swap shop so they can find a new home.

4. If you like, take some items home with you to love or to give to someone you care about!

Remaining good-shape clothing items will be donated to Kältehilfe (as needed).



Tickets for raffle to win one of the following prizes are 2€ each. These donations will be split between:

Evas Haltestelle Notübernachtung für Frauen
Trans Feminism International’s Get-Home-Safe Program


🎁 Manicure and pedicure by Effy Nails

🎁2x signed copies of the book „Margins & Murmurations“ by Otter Lieffe

🎁 Sound Healing by Crystal Bowls

🎁Tiny Tattoo by Philip Retzer Tattoer

🎁3x passes to group vinyasa class by Koko Yoga

🎁Gift certificate for tickets to MONOM

🎁30 minutes massage voucher for Method Massage Berlin

🎁Vinyl releases by Johanna Knutsson

🎁Gift box by Buttery Bodycare

🎁Coaching session with Maria Mouk

🎁Large graphics print by Studio Skulptur


Beverages will be on sale by The Workshop.

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