Writing on Art Workshop

Are you looking to expand your creative writing practice?
Does visual artwork inspire / speak to you?
Are you looking for new subjects/topics to inspire your writing?

Join us for this one-of-a-kind writing series that teaches the forms and methods of creative writing on art!
We push further than the technical ways of describing a piece, but moreover ask, how does this piece inspire you?
This course encourages the creative writer to tap into the ways in which a piece of visual art inspires your story-telling. Within this course, you will develop a short completed (edited with feedback) literary piece, based on the artist’s current work on display.
This month- the artist, Noa Heyne


For whom is this course designed?
Anyone who likes creative writing (poetry/fiction/short story) and is inspired by visual art work.

In which language(s)?
Will be taught mainly in English, (instructor speaks both German and English) however all writing may be composed in participants‘ language of choice.

What will I benefit from this workshop?
Beyond utilizing the academic and technical ways of writing on art, you will:
-Create an original creative piece inspired by the visual artwork currently on exhibit
-Develop your unique writing voice for expressing your impression of the creative arts
-Explore ways of writing about art works, materials, processes and /or performance

How do I register?
Please send an email to register at info@rhearamjohn.com

What’s the price?
Sliding scale of ‘pay-what-you-can’ from 10-20 euros /
8 euros for sudents

Who teaches this course?
Rhea Ramjohn is a Trinbagonian-American writer, educator, and community organizer in Berlin. With an academic background in English literature & theory, Creative writing & Cultural Studies, she has more than a decade of teaching experience in Germany and the United States. Alongside her collection of poetry, she is co-host of The Poetic Groove Show in Berlin, creator of the Tanti Table podcast, and author of the novel, The Art of Hoping.
Find out more at www.rhearamjohn.com

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