Mobile Challenge for Female/Trans/NonBinary Electronic Producers

** PLEASE NOTE: Due to current restrictions on gatherings in place in Berlin (and basically everywhere) at the moment, we will be holding all our music-making challenges online. We’re currently looking into options to allow folks to connect via video chat as well; stay tuned! ** Are you a female*/trans/non-binary producer looking for like-minded music-makers?„Mobile Challenge for Female/Trans/NonBinary Electronic Producers“ weiterlesen

DIY Weaving Workshop for Young Artists (ages 6 – 12)

Join us for a fun afternoon of arts and crafts! In this introductory workshop, young makers ages 6-12 are invited to learn a new craft and create a one of a kind work of fiber art. We will be using a sustainable and DIY approach to weaving using a variety of recyclable materials. Weaving is„DIY Weaving Workshop for Young Artists (ages 6 – 12)“ weiterlesen

Winter Clean Out feat Empower Festival

The Workshop on Forster needs some hands, Empower Festival and Sanni Est too…So we decided to join forces! In February it will all come down to some volunteers to show up ata little spot on Forster Strasse 51to cleanto buildto hammerand to drill for each person that shows up, The Workshop on Forster is donating10„Winter Clean Out feat Empower Festival“ weiterlesen

The „A“ Word: Examining the Concept of Allyship (#2)

UPDATE: This workshop is full and registration is now closed. 🔹🔹🔹 Due to the interest in the first edition of this workshop in November, we’ve decided to offer the same workshop again. Space is limited to 20 spots. 🔹🔹🔹 When we talk about issues of equality, social justice and inclusion, what does it actually mean„The „A“ Word: Examining the Concept of Allyship (#2)“ weiterlesen

Updated Format: Now DROP IN* 12-Week Queer Tarot Journey

Have you always wanted to learn tarot, but were overwhelmed by remembering the meanings of the cards or how to do it “right”? The tarot has the reputation of being something scary or that only those with a crystal ball can do. It is also often viewed only as a tool for fortune-telling. However, the„Updated Format: Now DROP IN* 12-Week Queer Tarot Journey“ weiterlesen

Equity Book Circle #4 — Emergent Strategy

We voted and the book selected for this round is Emergent Strategy by Adrienne Maree Brown If you want to join the discussion, please order the book and write to use at hello [at] to be added to the mailing list. 📖📖📖 Time to choose a new book for our Equity Book Circle #4.„Equity Book Circle #4 — Emergent Strategy“ weiterlesen

Female*/Non-Binary Electronic Producer Beatmaking Meetup

Are you a female*/non-binary producer looking for like-minded music-makers? Having a hard time finding time to make music? Still learning your DAW? Or are you not even ready to call yourself a producer yet? Get out of your bedroom and come and meet makers, learn new skills, make music, and connect with a community in„Female*/Non-Binary Electronic Producer Beatmaking Meetup“ weiterlesen

Parallax goes Sci-Fi: Screening

Hey Parallaxers! To wrap up this year, we are teaming up with The Workshop, a communal space in Kreuzberg where all kinds of gatherings take place. Our last meeting of 2019 before jumping into the future (2020!) will be accompanied by Glühwein, cake, and a screening from the wonderful film of Fantastic Planet.Originally named „La„Parallax goes Sci-Fi: Screening“ weiterlesen

Book Release & Presentation: „Hennie“ by Zan de Parry

Join us this Saturday, December 14 at The Workshop to celebrate the release & presentation of TABLOID Press’s 12th publication:HENNIE, by Zan de Parry „HENNIE“A Creation Story48 pages, b&w, 13×18 cmRisograph & ScreenprintEdition of 100 „Literally a fish grows legs, walks out of the water, listens to music, dates his sister and kills himself. Like„Book Release & Presentation: „Hennie“ by Zan de Parry“ weiterlesen

Action Teams — Round 2

Action Teams is a give-get exchange with a small team of participants. You give your feedback, advice and ideas to help others break through current challenges. In exchange, they help you break through your blocks, too. Whether you are thinking about a career shift, a change in relationship status, leaving a bad habit behind, adding„Action Teams — Round 2“ weiterlesen