Build Your Own Azki Punk Console

Based on an experimental approach, participants will be guided through the design and production of a voltage-controlled oscillator while manipulating the incoming electricity and interpreting it as sound harmonies or dissonances. Using electricity as the only conceptual material, participants will explore the sound potential of electrical flow, while creating fluid instruments that fit their individual„Build Your Own Azki Punk Console“ weiterlesen

George Nebieridze ’17 – Book Signing and Artist Talk

GEORGE NEBIERIDZE ’17 BOOK SIGNING AND ARTIST TALK AT THE WORKSHOP 20.09.20195-8PM **********drinks and finger food provided**********////////kids and dogs welcome//////// Some devices have an issue displaying the correct address on the map. The address is Forster Strasse 51, 10999, Kreuzberg.

Action Teams

Registrations for this round are now closed. Check back in October for the next round! 📝📝📝📝📝📝 Action Teams give you a personal support system to help you live your purpose and reach your goals. Trying to start a new project? Write an album or a book? Get a new living situation? Move somewhere new? Learn„Action Teams“ weiterlesen

Press Play – djing for beginners

If someone told you that anyone can dj, would you believe it? The Press Play sessions are a series of four workshops aiming to take you from absolute noob to house party ready. No questions are too simple or basic to be asked, no music too eccentric to be mixed and all mistakes good enough„Press Play – djing for beginners“ weiterlesen

Community Flea Market at The Workshop

Spring cleaning is done, which means it’s time for a Flohmarkt! ♿️Proceeds from the day are going towards an accessibility ramp for the space, so we hope you’ll come to support this cause. ♿️ 🧸🏓🗿👠🎛👚🎷🧺👜🖨👑🧮📸📿⏰🔮🕶🌂🧳 Come on down to The Workshop for the chance to cop the finest second hand and handmade goods on sale„Community Flea Market at The Workshop“ weiterlesen

Life Drawing / Aktzeichnen at the Workshop

**Dear newcomers, The Workshop is located at Forster Straße 51. However, it is not within the apartment building at 51, but 30m from it on the right. It’s a gallery with a window front up a small flight of stairs. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have troubles finding it!** Join our growing life„Life Drawing / Aktzeichnen at the Workshop“ weiterlesen

Female*/Non-Binary Electronic Producer Beatmaking Meetup

Are you a female*/non-binary producer looking for like-minded music-makers? Having a hard time finding time to make music? Still learning your DAW? Or are you not even ready to call yourself a producer yet? Get out of your bedroom and come and meet makers, learn new skills, make music, and connect with a community in„Female*/Non-Binary Electronic Producer Beatmaking Meetup“ weiterlesen

A thank you summer fling thing

Dear friends, supporters, workshop organisers or attendees. Summer is a wonderful time to celebrate, so The Workshop is throwing a little summer partyon Saturday August 10th 201921h – 04hat a small location called „Hof“just behind Skalitzerstrasse 114. I will put up a few signs 🙂 Mainly, this little summer bash is one way to thank„A thank you summer fling thing“ weiterlesen

Writing on Art Workshop

Are you looking to expand your creative writing practice?Does visual artwork inspire / speak to you?Are you looking for new subjects/topics to inspire your writing? Join us for this one-of-a-kind writing series that teaches the forms and methods of creative writing on art!We push further than the technical ways of describing a piece, but moreover„Writing on Art Workshop“ weiterlesen

Is Time an Action – Noa Heyne Solo Exhibition

Is Time an Action:The exhibition „Is Time an Action“ is a meditation on movement in architecture and communities, and on history as a physical presence inscribed both in people and urban landscapes. Through sculpture and stop-motion animation, the artist’s work reflects on the cycles of building and destruction that characterize modern cities, and questions our„Is Time an Action – Noa Heyne Solo Exhibition“ weiterlesen