The Sovereign Nation of Post Genitalia // Pop-Up Shop

Under the motto “Nostra Non Sumus Genitalia”, artist and designer Fábio M Silva founds a new micronation state – THE SOVEREIGN NATION OF POST GENITALIA – during Gallery Weekend Berlin. With it’s own declaration of independence, constitution, passport, flag and even national anthem, THE SOVEREIGN NATION OF POST GENITALIA will be celebrated with the launch„The Sovereign Nation of Post Genitalia // Pop-Up Shop“ weiterlesen

Spring Cleaning on Forster Strasse

The Workshop on Forster will undergo some changes in June and July and before those can happen, the whole space needs a good clean, clear out, basically a make over but without any of the usual fashion changes and brutal hair cuts. Anyone who feels inclined to spare an hour or two the second week„Spring Cleaning on Forster Strasse“ weiterlesen

Study Hall

Have a project or hobby that you’ve had trouble making time for? Study Hall gives you an appointment to make it happen. 📝💻📒✒️📚📰🎒Whether it’s German homework, that book you’ve been meaning to read, online course you’ve been trying to finish, music to organize, your sketch pad that’s gathering dust — bring along anything to „study“„Study Hall“ weiterlesen

Distant Bond – Valentine Emilia Bossert – Finissage

LAST CHANCE TO SEE! Distant BondValentine Emilia Bossert Solo Exhibition At the heart of human experience lays an unreconcilable gap that is universally felt but impossible to grasp, seemingly escaping any grounding in the real. This separation of the self from itself and the world is what occupies Valentine Emilia Bossert. Pushed by an obsessive„Distant Bond – Valentine Emilia Bossert – Finissage“ weiterlesen

Monday night is better than Sunday cause Sunday is fun day

CHANGED TO MONDAY NIGHT STUDY HALL!!! It’s Sunday afternoon, you feel inspired but don’t know how to get going?Or you’re working on something but never make the time for it? You’re looking for someone to look at what you have been doing but don’t just want to ask your friends for the 100th time? I„Monday night is better than Sunday cause Sunday is fun day“ weiterlesen

Sara Persico // Xavier Lopez

7 Survival TechniquesSara Persico 7 Survival Techniques is a performance of round about 30 minutes consisting of 7 videos and ever changing compositions for voice and electronics.Musically an amalgam of song excerpts, the focus of the performance relies on instinctive improvisation and the use of loops and samples. At times, the voice’s identity hides within„Sara Persico // Xavier Lopez“ weiterlesen

Wo viele gehen – Gita Fuori Solo Ausstellung

In den fotografischen Bildern von Gita Fuori geht es um ein Archiv, das in einem Prozess fortwährender Umwälzung erforscht wird. In einer erweiterten Auffassung fotografischer Techniken verwendet sie mehrere Negative nebeneinander (Mehrfachbelichtung).Die Materialität der Negative und die Werkstattpraxis sind dabei von besonderer Bedeutung. In Stapeln und Kartons, Mappen und Ordnern sammelt sie Zeitungen, Zeitschriften, Bildmaterial„Wo viele gehen – Gita Fuori Solo Ausstellung“ weiterlesen

Writing’s for Thursdays

Thursday nights are for writing, or let’s say for writers, word lovers, word shapers, transformers and players at The Workshop. Aiming to invite different genres and writing styles into the space, the Thursday night workshops are taught by different people on a rotational basis. Starting January 31st from 19.30-21.30, Eliza Levinson will lead a bi-monthly„Writing’s for Thursdays“ weiterlesen

Selflovetribute x The Workshop

2018 has been a transformative and enduring year. But we’be made it !Now that 2019 has started, what about setting our intentions for this year ?Instead of focusing on what we want to stop on doing (resolutions) let’s focus for a couple of hours on what we want to achieve and create for ourselves. You„Selflovetribute x The Workshop“ weiterlesen

I want to live on Earth – HJ Frost Solo Exhibition

This body of work demonstrates the time in Hallie J. Frost’s artistic process during which it was created. As much as she is hesitant to subject an audience to an art show about the painter, Frost has been focusing her work process primarily on using pigment and oil over the past year to process her„I want to live on Earth – HJ Frost Solo Exhibition“ weiterlesen