Official Rebrand Official Workshop at The Workshop

Official Rebrand Official Workshop +Pop UpRevitalize garments you are tired of wearing, bring any fabric item you want to re-envision and we’ll can help you transform it. other some garments will be available, but it will be best to bring your own, other supplies provided –sewing machines, thread, fabric paint, etc. About Official RebrandOR revives„Official Rebrand Official Workshop at The Workshop“ weiterlesen

NicMorry I – Von Hunden, Menschen und Landschaften

Nicole Gries arbeitet schnell und immer „life“, denn ihr Interesse gilt den Bewegungen und dem Leben, das sich direkt an Ort und Stelle abspielt. Nur so kann sie die Menschen, Tiere und Landschaften, die sie darstellt, unmittelbar wahrnehmen und als Persönlichkeiten mit ihrem individuellen Ausdruck und der sie umgebenden Atmosphäre und Stimmung aufs Papier bringen.„NicMorry I – Von Hunden, Menschen und Landschaften“ weiterlesen

Yuval Galili – a different me on a different dimension

The exhibit is on display at The Workshop until October 24thMonday – Friday 14-20hSaturday / Sunday by appointment The Workshop is pleased to announce Yuval Galili as the first exhibiting artist in the space’s gallery after a long summer break. A DIFFERENT ME ON A DIFFERENT DIMENSION is an exhibit of works by Yuval Galili„Yuval Galili – a different me on a different dimension“ weiterlesen

Two Ouds – Youmna Saba and Dirar Kalash

Youmna Saba is a Lebanese singer-songwriter who started her musical career in 2006 and has released four albums to this day (Arb’een(40), 2017, Njoum, 2014, Hal Bint Aabalha Tghanni, 2011, Min Aafsh el Beit, 2008). Her recent work is focused on the relation between songwriting and storytelling, rendered in vocals, oud and guitar, and is„Two Ouds – Youmna Saba and Dirar Kalash“ weiterlesen

Splice Screening Series #1: Nature in Film

This is the first of a monthly screening and talk series on experimental/feminist/alternative films under the curation of Eliza Levinson and Tamara Beyrouti. The first iteration of the series will be a presentation about the representation of nature in film, and how with the help different narrative approaches and cinematic technologies, we can place nature„Splice Screening Series #1: Nature in Film“ weiterlesen

NOT Silent #4: Jasper Stadhouders and Dirar Kalash

The Workshop is honored to host another concert of the series NOT SILENT conceived by Compass Collective. NOT SILENT seeks to expand the musical or sonic event towards the politics of solidarity and resistance, this time with the unconventional guitar and oud (and saxophone) duo of Jasper Stadhouders and Dirar Kalash. Jasper Stadhouders (Tilburg, the„NOT Silent #4: Jasper Stadhouders and Dirar Kalash“ weiterlesen

Germán Roffler Trio at The Workshop

The Workshop is delighted to host the Germán Roffler Trio on their European Tour for a small, intimate concert on the first Friday of this month of July. Germán Roffler is an Argentine indie folk songwriter with a melancholical and poetic mood.“Soles azules a secas“ is the name of the show, as well as his„Germán Roffler Trio at The Workshop“ weiterlesen

Not Silent #3 with Devin Brahja Waldman and Miles Perkin

The Workshop is honored to host another concert of the series Not Silent conceived by Dirar Kalash under the umbrella of the Compass Collective. Devin Brahja Waldman is a New York saxophonist, composer, synthesizer player and drummer. He has collaborated with his aunt —poet Anne Waldman— since the age of ten. Waldman leads a NYC/Montreal„Not Silent #3 with Devin Brahja Waldman and Miles Perkin“ weiterlesen

We are All Gaza

– Arabic and French below – In support of Palestinians and in particular of the people of Gaza, who since the 30th of March have been experiencing a new period of bloody and disproportionate repression, we are organising an international political action of solidarity. This will take place on the 15th of May 2018, the„We are All Gaza“ weiterlesen